DVF : Go West Young Woman


Client DVF / Tales Of Endearment
Photographer / Stylist Natalie Joos
Models Gizele Oliviera and Kenya Kinski
Producer Yasmin Hed
Wardrobe assistant Kristie Karson

DVF : Natalie Joos

Client DVF
Photographer and Stylist Natalie Joos
Producer Yasmin Hed
Wardrobe Assistant Anna Su

Mara Hoffman : Cactus Dream

Client Mara Hoffman
Photography Olivia Malone
Styling Richard Ruiz
Producer Yasmin Hed
Hair Amber Duarte
Makeup Kali Kennedy

Mara Hoffman : Without A Dark Sky We Would Never See the Stars

Photographer Olivia Malone
Creative Direction/Styling Richard Ruiz
Producer Yasmin Hed
Hair Adriana Papaleo for Tigi Creative
Makeup Bethany McCarty
Jewelry Filili by Luiny
Model Hanelei Reponty

Mara Hoffman : Devotional Collection

Designer Mara Hoffman
Photographer Olivia Malone
Producer Yasmin Hed
Stylist Richard Ruiz
Hair & Makeup Ashlee Rose
Model Allegra

Jesse Jo Music Videos: Baby Love and Down Your Drain

Talent Jesse Jo
Director Olivia Malone
Producer Yasmin Hed
DOP Drew Bienemann
Hair Tony Vin
Make Up Kali Kennedy

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